Control Systems Design Guide ‐ Second Edition

For Professional AV Systems

In the world of professional AV, the word “simplicity” can be used to describe many things, including elegance, efficiency, or ease-of-use. From a system designer’s perspective though, simplicity seldom means “less effort;” in fact, in most cases it means just the opposite. The simplest systems are often the result of hours of analyzing and honing the design, skillful component selection, and ensuring you have all the right tools at your disposal. Extron understands these challenges, and has, for over a decade now, been the leader in configuration-based AV control solutions. Now, we have taken configuration to the next level by creating a new family of Pro Series control products geared to handle the evolving complexities of today’s AV system designs.

This Guide provides an insider's look at what we consider the best methodologies for AV system design. It focuses on educating the control system designer, integrator, and consultant on the importance of designing for control, and helps the AV professional develop the required expertise to design functional, highly-effective, and intuitive control systems. Inside you’ll also find sample AV system designs that emphasize the unique challenges in a broad range of applications and illustrate the powerful configuration capabilities inherent in the Pro Series control products and GC Plus and GC Pro software.

While we can’t promise your next AV integration will be easy, this Guide can help you simplify the processes involved in designing for control. The articles and designs within will introduce you to the dozens of new Pro Series control products as well as the industry’s most powerful configurable control system software; all designed to make complex systems simpler and simple systems more powerful.

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