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How To Videos

Providing easy guidelines for basic AV skills, these brief videos are ideal for individuals who are new to the AV industry or anyone who needs a refresher.

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Terminating for XTP Systems and DTP Systems

Learn how to properly terminate XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable and connectors

Duration: 06:40 Play Video

Terminating a BNC Connector

Prepare and terminate an Extron Mini High Resolution cable with a BNC Connector.

Duration: 04:55 Play Video

Adjusting Clock and Phase on a Digital Display

Use test patterns to adjust the clock and phase settings on a projector with an Extron Scaler.

Duration: 02:27 Play Video

Adjusting Level and Peaking in a Twisted Pair System

Properly set the level and peaking controls on an Extron MTP receiver

Duration: 03:24 Play Video

Terminating UTP Cable with a RJ-45 Connector

Terminate an RJ-45 connector

Duration: 03:39 Play Video

Making Point-to-point Skew Adjustments in a UTP System

Compensate for signal skew delay using an Extron MTP RL SEQ receiver

Duration: 03:02 Play Video

Replacing SMX Boards

Replace and install an Extron SMX Matrix Switcher board on an SMX System Matrix

Duration: 02:31 Play Video

Check and/or Set the IP Address of Your Computer and Extron IP Enabled Device

Change the IP Settings of a Computer and an Extron IP Enabled Device

Duration: 07:06 Play Video

Properly Design Racks to Minimize Heat

Determine the type of air circulation needed to cool a populated rack

Duration: 06:36 Play Video

Determine Projector Location and Orientation

Using projector throw distance and horizontal offset to determine proper location and orientation

Duration: 04:03 Play Video

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