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Connectivity Configurator

To launch the Connectivity Configurator, select an Architectural Adapter Plate Mounting Frame from the following list. For quick access to a particular Mounting Frame type, click on the appropriate link below. Select a product and find out just how easy it is to design your own AV system connectivity solution. Connectivity Configurator

US-Gang Wall Mounts
EU/MK Wall Mounts
Furniture Mounts - Cable Access
Furniture Mounts - Hideaways
Furniture Mounts – Table Mount Kits
Floor Mounts
Rack Mounts
Button Panel Mounts
US-Gang Wall Mounts 

AAP/Decorator-Style Frames

AAP 100 AAP 100
Low-Profile AAP Mounting Frame


AAP 102 AAP 102
Two-Gang AAP Mounting Frame


AAP 104 AAP 104
Four-Gang AAP Mounting Frame


AAP 106 AAP 106
Six-Gang AAP Mounting Frame


AAP 314 AAP 314
Three-Gang Mounting Frame for Decorator-Style Modules and AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates


AAP 424 AAP 424
Four-Gang Mounting Frame for Decorator-Style Modules and AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates



MAAP Frames

CPM101 CPM101
One-Gang MAAP Mounting Frame


CPM102 CPM102
Two-Gang MAAP Mounting Frame


CPM103 CPM103
Three-Gang MAAP Mounting Frame


CPM104 CPM104
Four-Gang MAAP Mounting Frame


MAAP 100 MAAP 100
Low Profile MAAP Mounting Frame


System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements Minimum System Requirements
  • Adobe Flash Player, version 11
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or Netscape version 6.2
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • 56Kbps Internet connection
  • Microsoft Windows 98SE or Mac OS X
  • Pentium-class processor or Macintosh G3
  • 64 MB of RAM

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