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Mixers & Preamps

Extron Mixers are compact, high performance products that allow multiple input audio sources to be combined into a single audio output. Extron Signal Processors manipulate or process audio signals through various means, such as volume adjustment, mixing between multiple signals, and tone or equalization.

 Audio Mixers
 Audio Preamplifiers
 Audio Summing Products

Audio Mixers

MIX 301
Three Channel Line Level Mixer
MVC 121 Plus
Three Input Stereo Mixer with DSP

Audio Preamplifiers

BUC 202
Two Channel Audio BUC - Balanced and Unbalanced Converter
MP 101
Microphone Preamplifier
MP 101 D
Microphone Preamplifier - Decorator-Style Wallplate
MP 101 AAP
Microphone Preamplifier - AAP Version

Audio Summing Products

ASA 204
Quad Active Audio Summing Amplifier with RCA Inputs
ASA 304
Quad Active Audio Summing Amplifier with Captive Screw Inputs

Retired Products

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