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Audio Matrix Switchers

Extron Audio matrix switchers are designed to route balanced or unbalanced audio signals. They range in sizes of 8x8 up to 128x128, and include a wide variety of features.

 8x8 to 16x16
 Modular & Expandable

8x8 to 16x16

MAV Plus 1616 A
16x16 Matrix Switcher for Stereo Audio

Modular & Expandable

Matrix 12800 Series
Fully Configurable Matrix Switchers from 32x16 to 128x128
SMX Stereo Audio Series
Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher Boards
Matrix 6400 Audio
Fully Configurable Matrix Switchers from 8x8 to 64x64
SMX System MultiMatrix
Digital and Analog Multi-Plane Modular Matrix Switcher

Retired Products

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