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Twisted Pair Cables

Extron Twisted Pair Cables are specifically engineered for AV applications that require high resolution video, audio, and control signals to be sent long distances.

The XTP DTP 24 Cable is engineered for optimum signal transmission with Extron XTP Systems® and DTP® Systems.

The STP 201 shielded twisted pair cable provides enhanced signal performance for Extron DVI 201 Series, DVI DL 201, and HDMI 201 Series extenders.

The Enhanced Skew-Free™ Cable incorporates a design pioneered by Extron that eliminates the skew or time delay of signals. It is the ideal solution for systems utilizing the Extron MTP Series of Twisted Pair products.

 XTP DTP Cables
 Enhanced Skew-Free Cables

XTP DTP Cables

Shielded Twisted Pair Cable for XTP Systems and DTP Systems

Enhanced Skew-Free Cables

Skew-Free UTP
Enhanced Skew-Free AV UTP Cables for Extron VT, MTP, and TP Series Analog Twisted Pair Products

Retired Products

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