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Switcher Accessories

Extron Switcher Accessories comprise a variety of control options, including IR handheld remote control devices and mountable control panels. Additional accessory products available include mounting hardware, control kits, cables, and labels.

 IR Remote Controls
 Control Panels
 Control Accessories & Kits

IR Remote Controls

IR 102
Handheld IR Remote Control

Control Panels

CCR 204
Four-Button Contact Closure Remote
Two-Button Contact Closure Remote With Customizable Backlit Buttons
Four-Button Contact Closure Remote With Customizable Backlit Buttons
KP 6
Keypad Remote Control
SCP 226
Secondary Control Panel for MLC 226 IP and System 5 IP
Universal Controller Mounting Rack Kit

Control Accessories & Kits

IR Emitter and Shield Kits
IR Emitter Kits for Extron Products With IR Output
IR Sensor
Remote IR Receiver for Use With SMD 101


CFG Cable
9-pin D Female to 2.5 mm TRS Configuration Cable

Retired Products

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