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PURE3® VN-Matrix

Stream HDMI, SDI, DVI, RGB, and HDTV using the Extron PURE3 codec for delivering high resolution video or computer graphics real-time in low-delay collaborative and interactive applications

VNM EC 200
Enterprise Controller for VN-Matrix Systems
VN-Matrix 250 Series
HDCP-Compliant HDMI and RGB Video Over IP Encoders and Decoders
VN-Matrix 325
3G‑SDI Over IP Codec
VNM Enterprise Controller
VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller
VNR 100
VN-Matrix Single Channel Recorder
VNM Recorder
VN-Matrix Multi-Channel Recorder
VNM Software Decoder
Software Decoder for VN-Matrix 250, 225, or 200 Series
VNM 12 PS & VNM 12 PSR
VN-Matrix® 12-Unit Power Supplies
VNS 104
Multi-Stream Decoding Software for VN-Matrix 250, VN-Matrix 225, or VN-Matrix 200 Series
VN-Matrix 300
3G-SDI Over IP Codec
VN-Matrix 225 Series
DVI & RGB Video Over IP Encoders & Decoders
VN-Matrix 200 Series
DVI & RGB Video Over IP Encoders & Decoders

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