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HDMI Switchers & Matrix Switchers

Extron HDMI switchers and matrix switchers route multiple sources to one or more compatible displays. Engineered for reliable operation, most models feature EDID Minder®, an Extron-exclusive technology that automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices. Extron HDMI matrix switchers also feature Key Minder®, an Extron-exclusive technology that continuously verifies HDCP compliance for quick, reliable switching. Extron HDMI switchers and matrix switchers also offer other integrator-friendly features including input cable equalization and multiple control points, simplifying integration into a wide variety of AV applications.

 HDMI Switchers
 Digital and Analog Media Presentation Switchers
 HDMI Matrix Switchers

HDMI Switchers

SW HDMI Series
HDMI Switchers with EDID Minder®

Digital and Analog Media Presentation Switchers

MPS 409
Media Presentation Switcher
MPS 601
Media Presentation Switcher
MPS 602
Media Presentation Switcher with DTP 330 Extension

HDMI Matrix Switchers

DXP HD 4K Series
4K HDMI Matrix Switchers with Audio De-Embedding
SMX System MultiMatrix
Digital and Analog Multi-Plane Modular Matrix Switcher
HDMI Matrix Switcher Boards
DTP CrossPoint 84
8x4 Scaling Presentation Matrix Switchers with DTP Extension

Retired Products

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