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Cable Cubby Accessories

Cable Cubby® accessories are intended for use with Cable Cubby enclosures. They include routing templates for virtually any tabletop, AAP Brackets, and Cable Pass-Through AAPs for use when installing Cable Cubby enclosures.


Cable Cubby AAP Brackets
One, Two, Three, and Four Space AAP Mounting Brackets for Cable Cubby Series
Cable Cubby Hole Plug and Grommet Kit
Assorted Plugs and Grommets for Cable Pass Through AAPs and Cable Cubby® Enclosures
Cable Pass-Through AAPs
Single Space AAPs for Cable Organization
Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit
Installation Kit for Hard Wired Electrical Environments
Installation Routing Templates
For HSA - Hideaway® Surface Access and Cable Cubby® Enclosures
CCR 30
Contact Closure Remote with Three LED Switches

Retired Products

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