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USB Cables & Adapters

Extron USBC and USBC-A are USB 3.1 cables that support data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps and are capable of delivering up to 60 watts of power.

Extron USBC-HD and USBC-DP are USB Type-C adapter cables for 4K video resolutions. They are ideal for integrating USB Type-C equipped sources that support DisplayPort Alternate Mode into new or existing HDMI or DisplayPort AV systems.

Extron USBC CFG and USB CFG Cable are suited for Extron products with a front-panel mini USB “CONFIG” port for configuring products and firmware updates.

 USB Cables
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USB Cables

USB 3.1 USB-C Cable

USB Adapters

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USB-C to HDMI Adapter Cable
USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter Cable
USB-C to USB-A Cable
USB-C to USB Mini-B Configuration Cable

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