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IR Remotes & Control Panels

In addition to included control options, such as front panel, RS-232 control, and contact closure, Extron also offers infrared (IR) remotes, remote keypads, and remote, system, and event control panels. These control products duplicate front panel controls for remote control of devices for greater flexibility; some control panels can manage several Extron products at one time for complete event control.

 IR Remote Controls
 Control Panels
 Control Accessories & Kits

IR Remote Controls

AVT 100 Remote
Handheld IR Remote Control for the AVT 100
IR 102
Handheld IR Remote Control
IR 501
Handheld IR Remote Control for Small Matrix Switchers
IR 903
Handheld IR Remote Control for the IN1508
VSC Remote
Handheld IR Remote Control for VSC Series

Control Panels

FPC 1000
Optional LCD Front Panel Controller for the Matrix 3200 and Matrix 6400 Series
FPC 5600
Front Panel Controller for Matrix 12800
KP 6
Keypad Remote Control
MKP 1000
Remote Keypad for MCP 1000 and Matrix 3200/6400 Series
MKP 1200
Remote Keypad for Matrix 12800
MKP 2000
X-Y Remote Control Panel for Extron Matrix Switchers
MKP 3000
X-Y Remote Control Panel with LCD Display

Control Accessories & Kits

IR 102 Remote Control Kit
IR to RS-232 or Contact Closure Conversion Kit
IR Emitter and Shield Kits
IR Emitter Kits for Extron Products With IR Output
IR Sensor
Remote IR Receiver for Use With SMD 101

Retired Products

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