IN8000 Series

VGA Extension Cables

High Quality Mini Coax Cables Click on photo to see large color photo

Small Diameter for Convenient Handling
Ideal for Interconnections Between Computers, VGA Distribution Amplifiers, VGA Switchers, Monitors, LCD Panels and Projectors and Other Devices with 15-Pin HD Connectors
(1) 15-Pin HD Male Connector and (1) 15-Pin HD Female Connector
Cable Contains: (3) Mini-Coax for RGB Signals, (2) Shielded Twisted Pairs for Sync Signals, (7) Single Wires for Sense Pin Passing and an Overall Shield (Braided and Foil)
Special Discount Pricing for 500' Bulk Rolls (IN8000R)
Bandwidth of 50' Cable: 120 MHz @ -3dB

The IN8000 Series high resolution cables are designed for VGA-type analog video signals. These cables are ideal for interconnecting VGA video sources, VGA distribution amplifiers, VGA switchers, LCD panels, data monitors and any other compatible devices featuring 15-Pin HD input and output connectors.

Route VGA Signals With Ease The IN8000 Series cables make it easy for you to send VGA signals wherever you need them. These cables are often installed between a computer and a remotely located data display such as an LCD panel, projector or data monitor. Depending on the signal level output by the VGA video card, signals may be carried up to 25 feet on IN8000 cables without special amplification. Buffered VGA distribution amplifiers such as the IN2060 and IN3055 are recommended for best performance and image quality with cable runs over 25 feet.

Optimized for VGA Video- Featuring one male 15-pin HD and one female 15-pin HD connector, the IN8000 Series cables connect easily to a variety of VGA compatible equipment. With 12 discrete conductors, the cable is optimized to carry all critical VGA signal information including RGB components, sync signals and ID bits. All sync polarities are preserved and all ID bits are passed, ensuring proper operation and mode tracking for the attached display device. The 12 conductor design also permits creative use of IN8000 cables for specialized applications.

Mini Coax For High Performance - While low cost VGA extension cables are often constructed entirely from twisted pair cables, the IN8000 Series cables include three high performance mini-coax conductors to carry the Red, Green, and Blue signal components. With a measured -3dB video bandwidth of 120 MHz for a 50' long cable (0.7V input signal) the IN8000 Series cables provide high performance to maintain signal clarity and detail and are compatible with all signal resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. The mini-coax design also keeps the overall cable diameter compact for easy handling.

IN8000 Series cables are available in various lengths terminated with high quality 15-pin HD connectors, or as bulk cable. The IN9310 15-Pin HD female connector kit and IN9311 15-Pin HD male connector kit are used to terminate bulk cables.

3 Mini Coax Conductors (RGB signals)
2 Twisted Pairs with Shield
7 Individual Conductors
Shield: Overall Cable Shield - Braided and Foil

Gauge: 26 AWG - Stranded Conductor for RGB Signals
Impedance: 75 ohms +/- 3 ohms
Capacitance: 16.7 pf/ft. nominal
Velocity: 83% nominal
Time Delay: 1.22 nSec/ft. nominal
Attenuation: 6.0 dB/100 ft. max. @ 100 MHz

DC Resistance: 41 Ohms/100 ft. nominal, 75 Ohm impedance
Outer Diameter: 0.35" / 9.0 mm
Outer Jacket Material: PVC
Outer Jacket Color: Black
Regulatory Approval: CL2 Rated
Female Connector Kit: IN9310
Male Connector Kit: IN9311
Optional Accessories:
IN2060 / IN3055 VGA Distribution Amplifiers
IN3562 / IN3564 / IN3566 VGA Switchers
IN9038 / IN9039 Gender Changers: M-M / F-F


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