2-Input, 1-Output VGA Switcher

Allows One Monitor, Data Display or Other Output Device to Share the Signal from Two Video Sources Click below to see large color photo

Front Panel Switch for Selecting Input 1 or Input 2
Remote Control Port (Contact Closure)
500 MHz Video Bandwidth
15-Pin HD Input and Output Connectors - Directly Compatible with VGA, SVGA, XGA, XGA2, UXGA Signals at Any Resolution and Refresh Rate
Internal Power Supply
Rack Mountable in 1U Space Using Optional Rack Shelf
Durable Metal Case Enclosure

The IN3562R is an ultra-high resolution VGA switcher designed to select between two computers with VGA / SVGA / XGA graphics cards, routing the selected input to a data display such as a data monitor, presentation monitor, or data projector. The IN3562R features 15-Pin HD connectors for inputs and output and connects directly to VGA-type video sources and displays using high resolution coaxial VGA extension cables such as the IN8000 Series.

Universal Analog Signal Compatibility - While the IN3562R is primarily designed for VGA-type video cards and monitors, this switcher actually has six discrete signal paths and is capable of switching analog video signals in a variety of sync formats including RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and RGBHVS. The IN3562R can connect to MAC, SUN, SGI and other high resolution video workstations and displays by using the appropriate input and output adapter / extension cables.

Front Panel Input Selector - Users may select the desired input by pressing the front panel selection button. Each time the button is pressed the unit toggles between Input 1 and Input 2. Front panel LED indicators illuminate to indicate the currently selected input. The non-selected input is terminated into 75 ohms.

Remote Control Capability - The remote port is a 3-pin captive screw terminal on the back panel that allows the switcher to be remotely controlled by any device that is capable of providing a latching contact closure. The remote port also includes a status pin that provides feedback to a control system to indicate the currently selected input. The IN3562R may also be controlled by RS-232 control devices by using an IN6901 RS-232 to contact closure converter.

Cable selection is critical to overall system performance, especially when dealing with very high scan rates and/or long cable lengths. High resolution coaxial cables such as the IN8000 Series VGA extension cables are recommended for all input and output connections.

Since the IN3562R is passive it is also bi-directional, meaning that signals may pass backwards through the unit. In such an installation, a single source signal is connected to the Output connector and two display devices are attached to the Input connectors. When an input is selected, the source signal is routed to one of the attached display devices.

Monitor Emulation - The IN3562R has dip switches that set each input to emulate a VGA color / MAC 13" RGB monitor.

Rugged Rack Mountable Design - The IN3562R is housed in a durable metal enclosure which can be rack mounted in a 1U space using the optional IN9080 rack shelf. Two units may be mounted side-by-side on a single shelf, or a single unit may be rack-mounted using the IN9080 rack shelf plus an IN9088 blank panel.

Offering extremely high bandwidth, simple operation, and rugged metal construction, the IN3562R is well suited for a wide range of A/V installations, portable presentation systems and rental applications.

Connectors: Two 15-Pin HD female
Video & Sync.: 5 Vp-p max. Selected channel is passive. Non-selected input is terminated into 75 ohms

Connectors: 15-Pin HD female
Video: Passive unit. Output video levels are identical to the input signal

Bandwidth: 500 MHz @ -3dB
Switching Time: 2.5 mSec typical
Power Supply: Internal 115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz (factory set)
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. / 2 Kg
Product Weight: 2.5 lbs. / 1.2 Kg
Dimensions: 1.65" x 8.5" x 6" / 4.2cm x 21.6cm x 15.2cm
Optional Accessories: IN8000 VGA Extension Cables
Available in Lengths from 3' to 250' or in Bulk


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