RGBHV Hum Suppressor

Effectively Suppresses Video Hum, Removing Visible Effects Caused by Ground Loops Click below to see large photo

Compatible with RGB Signals, Component Video, S-Video and Composite Video
Simple Operation - No Adjustment or Calibration Needed
No External Power Required
390 MHz Video Bandwidth
BNC Input and Output Connectors
Durable Metal Case Enclosure
Rack Mountable with Optional Rack Shelf

The IN2062 is a high resolution video hum suppressor compatible with virtually any analog or TTL video signal. The IN2062 has 5 BNCs for input and output connections. Primarily designed for RGBHV and RGBS signals, this unit may also be used with RGsB, component video, Y/C and up to 5 composite video signals.

Video Hum - The Problem Defined: A common phenomenon in video display systems, video hum is low frequency noise from the ground lines which has influenced the video signal, causing degradation of the displayed signal. Usually observed as bars rolling vertically through the video image, video hum may also cause video distortion or even tearing of the picture in severe cases. Video hum may be a problem in any system where video sources and display devices are connected to different A/C power sources with varying grounding potentials.

An Elegant Solution for Video Hum Problems - The IN2062 provides an elegant solutionfor display systems with video hum problems. Featuring an innovative design which requires no A/C power, the unit provides an exceptional level of hum suppression while delivering video bandwidth of 390 MHz.

Easy to Intall / Easy to Use - The unit is easy to use and install, requiring no adjustment or calibration. Simply connect the IN2062 in the video display system between the devices with different ground potentials and visible hum will be suppressed.

Rack Mountable - Two units may be mounted side-by-side in a 2U rack space using the optional IN9081 rack shelf. A single unit may be rack-mounted using the IN9081 rack shelf and an IN9085 half-rack blank panel.

Durable, portable, and requiring no A/C power for operation, the IN2062 hum suppressor is the perfect solution for hum problems occurring in rental and staging systems. Rack mountable and featuring all input and output connections on one side, it are also ideal for permanent installations requiring a high performance video hum suppressor.

Connectors:5 female BNC
Video / Sync: Analog or TTL, 0 to 5 Vp-p

Connectors:5 female BNC
Video Gain: 1.0 (unity)
Hum Rejection: 27 dB @ 60 Hz
Crosstalk: -70 dB @ 100 MHz

Bandwidth: 390 MHz @ -3dB
Power: No power required
Shipping Weight:5 lbs. / 2.5 Kg
Product Weight:4 lbs. / 1.8 Kg
Dimensions: 3.4" x 8.5" x 5.1" / 8.6cm x 21.6cm x 13.0cm
Optional Accessories:
IN9081: Rack Shelf - 2 U High
IN9085: 2U High Blank Panel


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