Selected Audiovisual Resources

Audiovisual / Video / Data Projection Manufacturers

3M - Data / Video Projectors, Audiovisual Supplies, and Many Other Products
AMX - Control and Automation Systems for Commercial and Residential Installation, Media Retrieval Systems
ASK - Data / Video Projectors
Barco - Data / Video Projectors, Retro Projectors, Calibration Monitors
Canon USA - Visualizers, Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Video Equipment Speakers, and Many Other Products
Christie Digital - Data / Video Projectors
Crestron - Control Systems, Media Retrieval Systems
CTX - Data / Video Projectors
Da-Lite Screen Company - Manual / Electric Front Projection Screens, Rear Projection Screens, Overhead Projectors, Communication Cabinets, Lecterns, Computer Furniture, Easels, Television Carts / Stands and Monitor Mounts
Davis - Data / Video Projectors
Dukane - Audiovisual Equipment, Data / Video Projectors, Media Retrieval
Eastman Kodak Company - Film, Cameras, and Digital Cameras
Eiki International, Inc. - 16mm Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Data / Video Projectors, Video Presenters
Electrosonic - Image Control Products: Video Wall Processors, Video Wall Displays, Show Control Software, and Video Servers
Epson - Data / Video Projectors, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Color Printers
H. Wilson Company - A/V Carts, Tripods, Monitor Mounts, Computer Furniture
Hitachi - Data / Video Projectors and Video Equipment
InFocus Systems - Data / Video Projectors
JVC Professional Products Company - Video Equipment, Data / Video Projectors, Visualizers
Mitsubishi Electronics - Data / Video Projectors, Presentation Monitors, Audiovisual and Video Equipment
Monivision - Presentation Monitors
NEC Technologies, Inc. - Data / Video Projectors, Plasma Displays, Flat Panel & CRT Data Monitors, Presentation Monitors, Video Equipment
Panasonic - Data / Video Projectors and, Presentation Monitors, Video Equipment, DVD Players
Pioneer New Media Technologies - Video Walls, Plasma Displays, Video Equipment, Laser Disc Players, DVD Players
Philips Electronics - Data / Video Projectors, Plasma Panels, DVD Players, Video Equipment, Audiovisual Equipment
Polaroid Corporation - Data / Video Projectors, Electronic Whiteboards, Digital Cameras
Progressive Marketing - Projector, Monitor and Plasma Display Mounting Hardware, Carts, Racks, Video Editing Furniture
Princeton - Presentation Monitors, HDTV Monitors, Flat Panel and CRT Data Displays
Proxima - Data / Video Projectors
Runco International - Data / Video Projectors, Plasma Displays and Video Accessories
Samsung Electronics - Video Products, Data / Video Displays
Sanyo - Data / Video Projectors, Video Products
Sharp Electronics - Data / Video Projectors, Flat Panel Displays, Video Equipment
Sony Corporation - Data / Video Projectors, Presentation Monitors, Plasma Displays, Audiovisual Equipment and Video Equipment
Stewart Filmscreen - Front and Rear Projection Screens for Home & Commercial Installations
Toshiba - Videowall Systems, Data / Video Projectors, Video Equipment, DVD Players
Vidikron - Data / Video Projectors
Viewsonic - Data / Video Projectors, Presentation Monitors, Plasma Displays, Flat Panel & CRT Data Displays
Zenith Electronics - Data / Video Projectors, Presentation Monitors, Video Equipment

A/V Industry, Home Theater, Multi Media and Infrastructure Magazines and Web Sites

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Presentations Magazine
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A/V Industry Associations

CEDIA - Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
ICIA - International Communications Industries Association
NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
NSCA - National Systems Contractors Association