XTP Systems Technician Certification Program

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The Extron XTP Systems Technician Certification program involves online and instructor-led training for design and implementation of enterprise-wide digital systems based on Extron XTP Systems. Step-by-step instruction provides a balanced approach to theory and hands-on application with an emphasis on the practical aspects of installing, configuring, and commissioning digital AV systems.

Successful completion of the XTP Systems Technician Certification (XTP-T) program ensures a thorough understanding of XTP System installation and commissioning, and provides recognition and validation of newly acquired expertise with digital AV technologies.


This program is ideal for individuals who are required to install, configure, and commission XTP Systems.


There are no educational prerequisites. A strong working knowledge of digital AV technologies and successful completion of the Extron AV Associate Certification program is recommended.

Delivery Method

The XTP Systems Technician Certification program is available through a combination of online course material and instructor-led training. Once enrolled, students are required to pass online exams for Digital AV Technologies, XTP Systems Configuration Software Orientation, and Termination of Cabling for XTP Systems. Successful completion of the exams is the first step toward certification. Online materials, which include videos, short quizzes, and technical documents, allow students to study for the exams at their own pace. To achieve certification, students must also attend an instructor-led course and pass an Extron-proctered exam on system installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and lessons learned.

Course Content

Part I: Online

The XTP-T Online course consists of 3 online lessons which provide students with a thorough understanding of AV system digital technologies and how to troubleshoot common errors found in digital AV systems. It also provides a complete overview of how to use the XTP System Configuration software and best practices for terminating XTP DTP 24 plugs and punch down jacks.

Part II: Instructor-Led

Upon successful completion of the online course, students attend concentrated two day instructor-led training and sit for a final exam in the student’s core discipline. The instructor-led portion of the Extron XTP Systems Technician Certification program consists of the following content:

Day 1: XTP Systems Installation, Configuration, and Commissioning
Students will gain a complete understanding of XTP System installation concepts, complex system configuration, and commissioning a system in a variety of applications. Instruction includes the general principles of system installation, setup, maintenance, and support. The hands-on sessions will allow students to apply learned knowledge in real-world scenarios by setting up and configuring a system according to a scope of work and system schematic. This day concludes with an exam on learned content.

Day 2: XTP Systems Validation and Troubleshooting
Students will use their knowledge of installation, configuration, and commissioning principles to validate an XTP System installation in multiple AV environments. Students will also gain real-world experience in XTP System troubleshooting by identifying and resolving faults induced into multiple systems. The final exam for XTP-T certification consists of two parts with a written exam focused on system installation and lessons learned, and a hands-on component focused on a complete system configuration.

Further Information

To learn more about the XTP Systems Technician Certification program including details on how to register, please contact your  Extron Customer Support Representative. Before you can enroll in the online XTP Systems Technician Certification program, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions under which Extron will grant professional certification.

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