FOX3 Matrix 24x New

Modular Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher from 8x8 to 24x24
Key Features
  • Coming Soon LinkLicense for KVM System Configuration and Control package
  • I/O sizes from 8x8 to 24x24
  • Switches 4K/60 video, audio, USB, control, and 3D sync over fiber optic cable
  • Compatible with all Extron FOX3 Series transmitters and receivers
  • Dante® audio network interface, DMP expansion port, and analog audio inputs and outputs
  • RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet control port
The Extron FOX3 Matrix 24x
Model Version Description Part #
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 8io MM Configured Matrix - 8x8 Multimode 60-1716-04
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 8io SM Configured Matrix - 8x8 Singlemode 60-1716-14
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 16io MM Configured Matrix - 16x16 Multimode 60-1716-05
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 16io SM Configured Matrix - 16x16 Singlemode 60-1716-15
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 24io MM Configured Matrix - 24x24 Multimode 60-1716-06
 FOX3 Matrix 24x no FPC 24io SM Configured Matrix - 24x24 Singlemode 60-1716-16
 FOX3 24x I/O 88 MM 8x8 I/O Board - Multimode 70-1107-03
 FOX3 24x I/O 88 SM 8x8 I/O Board - Singlemode 70-1107-04
 FOX3 24x P/S Kit Power Supply Kit 70-1119-03
 FOX3 24x Fan Kit Replacement Fan Kit 70-1120-03
 LinkLicense KVM Configuration and Control Upgrade, FOX3 24x 79-2584-01
 Remote Commissioning - Fiber Optics Remote Commissioning for Fiber Optic Systems Call
 Onsite Commissioning - Fiber Optics Onsite Commissioning for Fiber Optic Systems Call

The Extron FOX3 Matrix 24x provides high-performance switching of 4K/60 video, audio, USB, control, and 3D sync over fiber optic cable. Expandable from 8x8 up to 24x24, this modular matrix switcher also features RS-232 insertion from the Ethernet port, extending bidirectional control to any FOX3 endpoint. The Ethernet port supports SSH protocol, ensuring communication between the control system and the matrix is encrypted. Dante, DMP Expansion, and analog audio I/O ports enable audio embedding and de-embedding. Equipped with many additional integrator-friendly features, such as a hot-swappable power supply, an optional redundant hot-swappable power supply, and system monitoring, the FOX3 Matrix 24x delivers highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV, USB, and control for mission-critical environments.

High Performance 4K/60 4:4:4 Video Distribution

Designed with uncompromising quality and proven performance, the FOX3 Matrix 24x works with all FOX3 Series extenders to accept and route 4K/60 4:4:4 video, audio, control, USB, and 3D sync signals, enabling a high-resolution, high bandwidth 4K video distribution system. Uncompressed 4K video at 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling is transmitted over two fibers, supporting the highest quality video sources and displays for critical applications. Mathematically lossless 4K video at 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling can be transmitted over one fiber, delivering an efficient 4K/60 video signal matrix solution. With an I/O size scalable from 8 to 24 ports, the FOX3 Matrix 24x is ideal for smaller installations in a variety of applications, including government, military, medical, entertainment, education, and any other environments that require reliable and secure distribution of AV signals.

Designed for Full Audio System Integration

The FOX3 Matrix 24x provides leading-edge audio functionalities, including audio switching and breakaway, stereo audio embedding and de-embedding, a DMP expansion port, two Dante ports, and local analog audio inputs and outputs. The matrix switcher can embed any selected analog input audio signals onto any output, and any two-channel PCM audio signal from a transmitter or analog return audio from a receiver can be extracted and independently routed in the FOX3 matrix switching system.

The DMP expansion port allows the matrix switcher and an Extron ProDSP processor to be linked together via a single shielded CAT 6 cable for a bi-directional 16x16 I/O channel transport between the devices. This allows larger distributed audio applications to be configured with less hardware, offering the full range of powerful, easy-to-configure control tools provided by the ProDSP processor, such as automixing, dynamics, filters, AEC - Acoustic Echo, and VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol.

In addition, two Dante ports provide scalable audio transport over a local area network using standard Internet protocols. The matrix switcher sends out 32 stereo channels of digital audio and can receive 32 stereo channels over the Dante network, and it supports AES67 audio over IP networks standard. This provides scalability for creating larger audio matrixes over a local area network using standard protocols.

USB Signal Switching and Extension

The FOX3 Matrix 24x is designed to work with FOX3 extenders to provide reliable long-haul transmission of video, audio, control, as well as USB data, eliminating the need for additional IP network drops, equipment, software, drivers, or USB extenders. Integrated USB signal routing through the matrix switcher enables connection to peripheral devices over the same fiber optic cable as video and audio, making it ideal for KVM - Keyboard, Video, and Mouse applications. This simplifies integration in KVM applications by avoiding IT-specific design criteria that may conflict with the needs of KVM switching in professional AV installations.

Designed for Secure Systems

The FOX3 Matrix 24x uses two methods to ensure sensitive data is properly segregated and protected - Priority Switching and Secure Partitioning. Priority Switching assigns a security level to each input and output. Six security levels are available, with the sixth being the highest level. An output can only be tied to an input at the same security level or lower, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. For example, an output at security level five can be tied to inputs that are security level five or lower. However, an output at security level one, the lowest level, can only be tied to inputs that are also security level one. Priority Switching is useful in systems with multiple security classification levels.

Secure Partitioning enables the matrix switcher to be divided into smaller sub-switchers for segregating sources and destinations into partitions. Sources can only be routed to destinations within the same partition. Any attempt to tie an input and output in different partitions is prohibited, returning an error code. Up to 6 partitions are available. Secure Partitioning is useful for separating secure and unclassified data.

Modular Fiber Optic I/O Boards

The FOX3 Matrix 24x is a modular design featuring 3 board slots. Each slot accepts a FOX3 24x I/O 88 Board having eight ports populated with LC-type fiber optic connectors. Two versions of the board are available. The FOX3 24x I/O 88 MM Board supports multimode fiber at 850 nm, which is typically used within buildings or facilities with moderate-range transmission distances. The FOX3 24x I/O 88 SM Board supports singlemode fiber at 1310 nm. Singlemode fiber offers long-range transmission capability over extreme distances. It is used in very large facilities, such as hospitals and stadiums, and for connecting over very long distances between facilities such as university campuses.

The FOX3 Matrix 24x can be configured with all or some of the board slots occupied. The I/O boards are hot-swappable and may be added at any time in the field for easy and quick upgradeability or expansion without interrupting all signal routing by powering down the unit. The FOX3 Matrix 24x also accommodates any combination of singlemode or multimode I/O boards. This can allow, for example, a multimode fiber link input to the matrix switcher from a multimode transmitter, and a singlemode output from the switcher for transmission over extreme distances to a singlemode receiver. An optional redundant hot-swappable power supply, with a redundant AC power input, is available to ensure continuous, uninterrupted power.

Flexible I/O Configuration

Each fiber optic port comprises two individual fiber links. In the standard I/O configuration for the FOX3 Matrix 24x, these links are defined as a separate input and a separate output. Therefore, up to 24 single fiber link inputs and 24 single fiber link outputs are possible when configuring and controlling the matrix switcher with the Extron control software.

However, through Ethernet or RS-232 serial control, each fiber optic connection can also be defined as a “linked” input or output, with the two fiber-optic links supporting bidirectional capabilities for a FOX3 Series product. Any group of linked connections, anywhere on the rear panel can function as inputs or outputs, enabling the creation of a custom I/O configuration. For example, a FOX3 Matrix 24x, populated with three I/O boards and 24 available linked connections, may be operated as a 16x8 bidirectional switcher. In the standard I/O configuration, these same three boards would support 24x24 switching with single fiber link inputs and outputs. For added flexibility, the FOX3 Matrix 24x can function with a combination of linked and single fiber link inputs and outputs.

System Control

The FOX3 Matrix 24x offers convenient local and remote system access for configuration, operation, and monitoring through the front panel USB configuration port, rear panel RS-232 serial control port, and Ethernet control port. The FOX3 Matrix 24x also provides the insertion and extraction of RS-232 control data from the Ethernet port to the transmitters and receivers. This allows comprehensive control of endpoint devices without needing additional cabling. The FOX3 Matrix 24x is also compatible with the FPC 6000 Front Panel Controller which provides a convenient user interface to control the matrix switcher from remote locations.